3 ways to help generate story ideas

imagesXTG2HC8HThe basics of storytelling consist of three elements: character, plot and setting. When building a story idea, it’s important to start with these three areas keeping in mind that conflict is the glue that holds all of these together and thrusts the story forward. Who is the story about? What do they want? What’s stopping them? These are questions you need to think about as you consider what you want to write. Continue reading


3 things to consider when writing for younger audiences

imagesF4BBMYQ9Understanding your audience is key when deciding what to write and who you’re writing for. Before you begin you need to know what your target audience is.

1. Protagonists Age: You have to convince your reader that the protagonist is one of them and if your book is geared toward middle grades it’ll be a very different book than if it’s Continue reading

7 ways to keep your readers wanting more after every scene


There is more to creating a great book then offering an amazing story, though that is necessary. If you want to have your readers turning those pages at the end of each scene or chapter there are a few tricks that you can use to make that happen.

  1. Reveal a secret – there is nothing more tantalizing then a secret and especially if it answers some questions or leads to more when it comes to your story. Continue reading