Simplify your writing with purpose

downloadYou’ve finished writing your first draft and are now you’re charged with the task of revision. In order to create fluid writing, you need to remover clutter from your prose while still maintaining rich language and character descriptions. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that. Continue reading


Revising your first draft Pt. 2

stack of booksSelf-editing is time consuming and can be frustrating; however once you’ve completed your story it’s a necessary next step to making it amazing. Once you’ve had time away from your manuscript, go through it several times for flow and story arcs then you’re ready for the next steps. Continue reading

Revising your first draft Pt. 1


When writing your novel, it’s inevitable that you will need to revise it. In fact you will likely revise it multiple times before it’s finally ready to be read by others, than you’ll need to revise it even more. Here are some ways to help you through this process, whether it’s your first revision or your fifteenth. Continue reading

Revising: look at the big picture

Revision1One of the biggest mistakes I made as a new writer was to revise my manuscript as I went along. It took me months just to get through the first chapter – which was only ten pages! When you are writing your first draft make a plan (even a simple one will do), write and don’t look back. Don’t even stop to fix spelling mistakes. Will it be bad? Yes! Will you need to change, add and delete a lot? Definitely. That’s what a first draft is – your first version Continue reading