Revising your first draft Pt. 2

stack of booksSelf-editing is time consuming and can be frustrating; however once you’ve completed your story it’s a necessary next step to making it amazing. Once you’ve had time away from your manuscript, go through it several times for flow and story arcs then you’re ready for the next steps. Continue reading


Alpha and Beta Readers: The Superheroes of the Writing World


Feedback is important for making your story the best it can be. Finding Alpha and Beta readers to read over your manuscript can help find flaws you are blind to.

What’s the difference? Continue reading

Critiques – know when to take them, know when to toss them


For many writers, a story starts with a creative spark – it could be a character, an idea, a thought or even a place that’s swimming around in your mind trying to work its way from your imagination onto the page. The story comes from us and is a part of who we are, which is why it’s so challenging to take what you’ve written and let others read it, let Continue reading