8 ways to build a new character

imagesVEOYBSLGWhile outlining a new short story or novel, you likely have already decided on your character’s gender, age, profession, ethnicity, and name. However, creating an engaging character needs more than these aspects to make your story entertaining and memorable. There are eight basic elements to consider as you shape and develop your character. Continue reading


Give your Characters more Dimension


When creating characters for your story it’s important to be sure they don’t come across as one dimensional, but rather have several dimensions to their personality. Why? It’s more interesting and relatable to the readers of your story. There are numerous techniques you can use to accomplish this and here are a few suggestions. Continue reading

Getting a deeper understanding of your Character

images0MY8Q0E0A story is essentially about creating an interesting, dynamitic yet flawed main character that people can connect to and care about, in which to build a plot around. So how do you come up with these amazing creations? Good question.

I’ve attended more than my fair share of workshops on how to build a great character and though I’ve Continue reading