Writing is a Priority

imagesOVBWB76ESo you want to finish that novel you’ve been working on since the dawn of time. Okay, maybe it hasn’t been quite that long, but I’m sure sometimes it feels like it. Making writing a focus in your life is difficult. Life is constantly getting in the way and people or events are vying for every spare moment. How are you ever going to get that book done? You have to be determined and make the decision that it’s important enough to change some things in your life.

Find a space that works for you

Whether it’s sitting on your couch with your laptop, standing at a counter, sitting on a imagesLDO1SCZ8high stood at a coffee shop or at a desk with the door locked, you have to find that creative sweet spot that will provide the right mix for you to get those ideas flowing. Everyone is different and it might take trying out different things before you have what works for you, but if you find a place you can focus you know you’ve found it.

Make a routine

Commit to writing every day. You might say to yourself, that’s just not possible. However, if you want to accomplish your goal you need to find the time and make it happen. I started getting up half an hour early every day to write and, though I don’t get a lot done, it keeps the story in my head and has become the best part of my day. Find time each day to sit down and write, you’ll be happier for it.

Respect your time

imagesUSO22P9CThese days, people can spend hours on social media sites wasting away precious time reading inspiring quotes or funny cartoons, yet never getting anything done. So turn off that Wi-Fi. Yes, I said it and you’ll thank me for it later…really. We have this habit now of needing to know what’s going on, however it keeps us from accomplishing what we really want. Besides, writing will bring you far more happiness, peace and a sense of achievement then Facebook ever will.

Build a support system

Becoming involved with a writer’s group is a great way to build a healthy support system outside your immediate social circle. How do you find one, you might ask? Search online for local writer’s groups in your area that focus on your genre. You can also ask around. Other writers are likely to know of groups that already exist. You can start your own with people you know are involved in writing. Attending writing conferences is a great way to not only meet other writers, but it’s a wealth of information on writing groups.

Make no more excuses. Commit to your writing and you’ll be rewarded with a completed manuscript in the end.


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