Choosing the right POV for your novel

untitled2When planning your story or novel, deciding on the point of view is critical before you start. Though you can change the point of view after you’ve begun writing, it makes it time consuming and confusing. Taking time to consider what will work for you and your story when structuring it will keep the reader grounded and help them understand who is telling the story. Continue reading


10 tricks to good writing

stomyuntitledElmore Leonard stated out writing westerns, then turned to crime fiction. Unlike most genre writers, he was taken seriously by the literary crowd. So he’s both popular and respectable. Here are his 10 tricks for good writing: Continue reading

3 ways to help generate story ideas

imagesXTG2HC8HThe basics of storytelling consist of three elements: character, plot and setting. When building a story idea, it’s important to start with these three areas keeping in mind that conflict is the glue that holds all of these together and thrusts the story forward. Who is the story about? What do they want? What’s stopping them? These are questions you need to think about as you consider what you want to write. Continue reading