7 ways to ramp up your sex scenes

images7DWU80VPSexual tension and sex scenes are not exclusive to just the romantic and erotic genres. Many stories often have a romantic relationship as a sub-plot, and making to most of this can really build tension and create interesting challenges that push your characters to grow.

1. Be Authentic – Writing intimate scenes can be one of those areas where you personally feel awkward and uncomfortable. It’s important to be honest with yourself about the level or boundaries your willing to write to or your writing will come across as forces and not real. Ask yourself what turns you on when you read stories? What gives you those butterfly moments? If you write with your own depth and passion, it’ll come through your characters.

2. Include Details – Write only what feels real and true to you. Communicate your images90P1SJLDcharacter’s feelings (internal and external), emotions and thoughts clearly so the reader can place themselves with the character. Make the usual and ordinary sensual, and hyper-stimulate the character’s senses so the reader can relate to them.

3. Reactions – How your characters interact with one another helps to pull the reader further into the scene and adds elements and layers to your story. Show how the character feels and write it so acutely that your readers will feel the same. Emotions are not based on reason, they don’t wait for the most opportune time and they don’t follow rules. They lay the groundwork so the readers can anticipate something is going to happen whenever those two share a scene together.

4. Be Deliberate – Allowing the sexual and emotional tension to continue throughout the story and waiting until closer to the end for the pair to finally have their moment allows the strain between them to build. If you’re writing erotica you’ll likely have the “act” much sooner in the storyline, and in this case it’s the emotional tension that builds and is unresolved until near the end. If you want the act to be delayed, try make the interruptions different for the characters by using both internal and external forces so they’re unable to get it on.

images4016YLRQ5. Believability – Make your sex scenes grip your readers with charged sexual tension by allowing yourself to feel the passion as you’re writing it. Have your reader hop on the rollercoaster ride your character is experiencing by showing sexual frustration, tension and crazy attraction that can exist between two people.

6. Non-sexy Scenes – The opportunity to heighten your couple’s awareness of one another can be achieved through ordinary situations and experiences. Attraction fills the system with feelings, amplifying everything and making it more intense. Focus on the lips, hair, smell, eyes, body with underlying feelings that for your character are inexplicable.

7. Body Language – Heightened awareness uses all senses to convey the intensity of your character’s feelings and sensations. If you are attracted to someone you notice everything about them. Your character’s body language can reveal what they aren’t willing to admit, even to themselves. Pay attention to where you are leading your character and reader, because you don’t want to disappoint them.

Adding romance and sexual tension to your story can add interesting dimensions to not only the two characters who are involved, but those around them – making for some very interesting reading.


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