How religion can bring depth to you story

imagesRRMAHZJSThe purpose of religion is to create a cultural institution which maintains the status quo, and if you want change you have to fall away from that. Religion can provide a story with the opportunity to take the world and challenge it in dynamic ways and ultimately forcing Continue reading


7 ways to ramp up your sex scenes

images7DWU80VPSexual tension and sex scenes are not exclusive to just the romantic and erotic genres. Many stories often have a romantic relationship as a sub-plot, and making to most of this can really build tension and create interesting challenges that push your characters to Continue reading

3 things to consider when writing for younger audiences

imagesF4BBMYQ9Understanding your audience is key when deciding what to write and who you’re writing for. Before you begin you need to know what your target audience is.

1. Protagonists Age: You have to convince your reader that the protagonist is one of them and if your book is geared toward middle grades it’ll be a very different book than if it’s Continue reading