Finding Your Focus

imagesAs a new year begins, so do all those resolution promises you made to yourself at the stroke of midnight. However, this is easier said than done and often those goals are never to be fully realized as the year seems to slip away from us yet again. Make this year different by changing your thinking and finally get that writing project completed.

Find out where you need to be.

It’s important for you to recognize where you are right now in your work. Are you at the beginning, the planning, first chapter, halfway through the first draft or completed the first draft, revisions, editing or seeking to get it published. Whatever stage in the process you’re at, celebrate it and figure out where you want to be. What is your goal? What is that promise or resolution you made to yourself? Do you think it’s realistic and can you see yourself completing it? Where do you need to be in order to make that goal a reality? That is what you have to figure out.

Accomplishing your goalimages8ABLCWDA

There is not one person who hasn’t set a goal for themselves and seen it through. Because of this, we are the best judges of what works for our own personality, lifestyle and work environment. First it’s important to understand that we all approach goals in different ways. Some people need a timeline, others a word count, while others need to have the creative moment strike before they can write. Work with what you know will get you to sit down and put those words on the screen or paper. Examining your lifestyle and when/where you can fit in writing will help  to eek out the time you need to work on your craft. Someone who’s single will have a very different schedule to someone with a family, but both can work if you’re willing to be realistic about your needs. Creating an environment to write, whether it be in an office, on the couch in front of the TV or at a coffee shop, should be consistent and a place that inspires you.

Staying motivated

focusThis is where you need to be very honest with yourself. Why do you want to achieve this goal? Write down all the reasons why this goal is so important to you. Don’t think about fame or fortune, but really examine what writing gives to you and what it can give to others. When you’ve written down all you can think of, leave room at the bottom to add more and post this somewhere that you can see on a fairly regular basis. It’s important for you to remind yourself of why you made this goal in the first place and why it matters. When your motivation is lacking, you can return to this list to remind you why you write. If you find it’s not inspiring you to head back to your writing, then toss out the list, dig deep and ask yourself the questions again: why is this goal important to me? Don’t stop until you feel the list truly represents what you feel.

Writing is not easy. It takes work, determination and creativity. Knowing where you’re going, why you’re doing it and setting up a plan to get there that works for you will help you to accomplish your goal this year.


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