5 ways to relax before writing


Life can be full of stressful situations and challenges that prevent us from achieving the state of mind necessary to do what we love: write. Between demanding home and work lives as well as family and friends, it’s understandable that your mind has a difficult time switching from your outside world to your creative world. However, there are ways to calm your mind and put yourself in a state where you can access that creative energy and Continue reading


How your favorite books can help your writing


heartimagesI attended a writer’s conference last summer and picked up some amazing techniques for improving my writing. But there was one piece of advice I scoffed at when I first heard it, only to realise later it proved to be the best recommendation I’d ever received. One of the presenters suggested if you wanted to really know how to write a successful story, analyse several of your favorite books. Here’s how you can learn Continue reading

Finding Your Focus

imagesAs a new year begins, so do all those resolution promises you made to yourself at the stroke of midnight. However, this is easier said than done and often those goals are never to be fully realized as the year seems to slip away from us yet again. Make this year different by changing your thinking and finally get that writing project completed.

Find out where you need to be. Continue reading

The nuts and bolts of story plots


Plotting an entire novel is a complex task, best summed up by saying it is the author’s way of showing the reader the events as they are unfolding. A successful plot depends largely on how the author chooses to display those events as they unfold.

A good story is made up of a logical beginning, a bumpy middle and a satisfying end. But a good plot is made up of more than just these three basics.

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