7 ways to keep your readers wanting more after every scene


There is more to creating a great book then offering an amazing story, though that is necessary. If you want to have your readers turning those pages at the end of each scene or chapter there are a few tricks that you can use to make that happen.

  1. Reveal a secret – there is nothing more tantalizing then a secret and especially if it answers some questions or leads to more when it comes to your story.
  2. Create tension through dialogue – ending with something bold and unexpected such as “I quit” or “”I’m leaving” can create tension for the story that would make it impossible for your reader to put the book down for the night.
  3. Force the protagonist to make a decision- this can do something you’ve been leading up to or that your main character has been avoiding. Either way, the reader will want to find out the fall out to this decision and have them turning the page.tension
  4. A shattering event or accident- this could be an important reveal to how your character reacts under extreme circumstances and add a pull for your reader to want more.
  5. A moral dilemma- there is nothing like a choice that needs to be made which puts your characters in uncomfortable positions. Your readers will be right there will them hoping they make the right choice but knowing it might not turn out that way.
  6. A cliff hanger with danger – putting your characters through bad situations and then making them worse ramps up the tension and makes the reader want to root for the character even more.
  7. A misunderstanding that needs to be resolved- Often this is seen in imagesKTYP7LI6romances where there is a misunderstanding at the end of a chapter and the threat that the relationship will end. However, this can be applied to other genres that have a romantic element to them or simply have important relationships without romance who have emotional attachments and issues that arise.


Creating tension at the end of scenes or chapters in different ways can provide variety necessary to have your readers engaged and turning those pages well into the night.


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