Not a science fiction fan but…


Browsing the bookshelves in my home, you’d be hard pressed to find any science fictions book. Though my inner geek comes out when Star Wars  or Star Trek are on the scene and I’ve enjoyed countless other movies and TV series of this genre, I’ve never been a fan of reading SF. However, recently I’ve read a few books that have changed my thinking.

The Martian by Andy Weir and Hominids by Robert J Sawyer are two books I was reluctant to read but grateful I did. The premise for each are quite different from one another though both are intriguing and interesting enough that I felt drawn to read them. The writing was excellent and the characters in both were well developed, and their struggles suited the story and situations they faced.

The part of science fiction that has always held me back from truly enjoying the story was the science of it. Ironic – I know. The technical elements that are ever present in this genre tend to make me either feel that I’m too stupid to get it, or they pull me out of the story and leave me bored. However, I’ve found that with both these stories the explanations were easy to understand and the elements that went over my head didn’t effect my understanding of the story or enjoyment of it.

So if you aren’t a science fiction fan like me but would like to read two very highly enjoyable and engaging stories, I would suggest you start with the two I mentioned. You won’t be disappointed.


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