Critiques – know when to take them, know when to toss them


For many writers, a story starts with a creative spark – it could be a character, an idea, a thought or even a place that’s swimming around in your mind trying to work its way from your imagination onto the page. The story comes from us and is a part of who we are, which is why it’s so challenging to take what you’ve written and let others read it, let Continue reading


Give your Characters more Dimension


When creating characters for your story it’s important to be sure they don’t come across as one dimensional, but rather have several dimensions to their personality. Why? It’s more interesting and relatable to the readers of your story. There are numerous techniques you can use to accomplish this and here are a few suggestions. Continue reading

Not a science fiction fan but…


Browsing the bookshelves in my home, you’d be hard pressed to find any science fictions book. Though my inner geek comes out when Star Wars  or Star Trek are on the scene and I’ve enjoyed countless other movies and TV series of this genre, I’ve never been a fan of reading SF. However, recently I’ve read a few books that have changed my thinking. Continue reading

Road to Success

Empty asphalt road towards the big cloud and signs symbolizing success and safety

Someone said to me recently that the road to success in publishing is paved with letters of rejection. In my case, I’d have to say that it certainly feels that way, especially if you’re keen to be published with the traditional path in mind. However, if you approach the process from a positive point of view, those rejections can elevate you rather than deflate you on your path to publishing success. Continue reading